How to Involve the Kids in Cleaning Around the Home

Cleaning your home is clearly a necessity, and a pain in the butt at that. No one really likes to do it but everyone has to…unless you enjoy cockroaches, ants, hopping around your home on your tippy toes, never being motivated to cook, dust bunnies, and being embarrassed to invite people over, etc…but hey, no judgment here.
If you have kids, the amount of cleaning you need to do is on a whole ‘nother level. It is absolutely constant and is a pain in the butt why not find a way to have your kids help out? Yeah, you’re probably thinking rolling your eyes and thinking “yeah right” but in all actuality, there are many ways to make cleaning fun for kids, especially young kids. You’d be surprised how happy to help they can be. Check out below my three favorite tips:

Chore-ChartMake a Chore Chart                                         

This provides children with an incentive and they’ll appreciate the organization and being able to check stuff off of their list.


Buy Kid Sized Cleaning Supplies (Like these Micro-Fiber Cleaning Slippers)

My own kids have some of these and they LOVE them. They have spent hours in them running around the house and sliding across the floor. Who needs a swiffer when you have young kids with high energy?


Set a Timer

I don’t know what it is about timers, sand timers in general..but they sure do get kids moving! I know first hand. My kids also like to turn their clean up time into a race once I flip the timer over. Ready, set, clean!

So there you have it! Some other awesome ideas are:

  1. Playing dress up– if you have girls, maybe you can play Cinderella? Dress up as maids or butlers and pretend to clean the homes of others. Make it a game!
  2.  Set up a reward system- “Will work for praise” -every kid I’ve ever met. Kid’s love to feel appreciated and a little reward for helping out here and there can make all the difference in their involvement.
  3. Put on music- Everyone knows that cleaning while dancing makes the whole job more fun and less of a chore. The kids will love it too!



Healthy Recipes for Picky Kids

Having picky kids is one of the biggest frustrations I have to deal with as a mother, and I know many others moms have to deal with this annoying problem as well. Sometimes I’ll find myself just giving up and letting them eat the same few meals every single day. Then I snap out of it and realize that I’m only enabling their nonsensical pickiness and go back to opening the door and force-introducing them to new foods. Here are some of my favorite things to feed my kids that have helped ease them towards a more open minded direction.


Frozen Banana Bites Recipe

These are amazing! You don’t have to be a kid to enjoy them either. These delicious frozen banana bites are super simple to make and the variations you can make are endless. Pictured above, the bananas have been dipped in chocolate, but I’ve covered them in vanilla yogurt before and they were just as great. Also, don’t forget the toppings! Granola, crushed peanuts, crushed almonds, etc. all make excellent choices. You can also make peanut butter and banana sandwiches before the dipping and freezing. Breakfast or dessert? Who says they can’t be both!?


Carrot Cake Oatmeal Cookies Recipe

Ok, now these might only work if you leave out the fact that there are carrots involved in these yummy cookies. Sometimes when introducing foods that my kids would initially be turned off by, I avoid even letting them look at the food until they try it. How does that even work, you ask? I tell them to close their eyes and open their mouths because I have a surprise treat for them. It works sometimes. #Don’tJudgeMe


Lunch Box Kabobs Recipe

This has got to be one of my all time favorite things to pack in my kids lunches. They even love to join in and help make them! Literally anything goes with this recipe, use lunch meats, cheese, veggies, or make kabobs entirely out of fruit!


Veggie Packed Pizza Rolls Recipe

If your kids don’t like pizza, you might want to consider them seeing a therapist. (Just kidding) Seriously though, I don’t know how anyone can not love this recipe! I always feel like a sneaky little ninja when I pull off feeding my kids seemingly unhealthy foods when in reality they contain a whole lot of secret veggies. Bwahaha


Honey Teriyaki Chicken Recipe

Yummy! My kids love teriyaki bowls and they also come with a wide range of possible variations. This chicken is great plain but even better on a bed of rice, white or brown. Feel free to steam any of the vegetables that your kids dare to eat to make this meal well rounded and complete.

This hand full of recipes are sure to motivate you and get your kids kickstarted into your foodie bootcamp. After all, they helped me out a ton. Good luck!