How to Involve the Kids in Cleaning Around the Home

Cleaning your home is clearly a necessity, and a pain in the butt at that. No one really likes to do it but everyone has to…unless you enjoy cockroaches, ants, hopping around your home on your tippy toes, never being motivated to cook, dust bunnies, and being embarrassed to invite people over, etc…but hey, no judgment here.
If you have kids, the amount of cleaning you need to do is on a whole ‘nother level. It is absolutely constant and is a pain in the butt why not find a way to have your kids help out? Yeah, you’re probably thinking rolling your eyes and thinking “yeah right” but in all actuality, there are many ways to make cleaning fun for kids, especially young kids. You’d be surprised how happy to help they can be. Check out below my three favorite tips:

Chore-ChartMake a Chore Chart                                         

This provides children with an incentive and they’ll appreciate the organization and being able to check stuff off of their list.


Buy Kid Sized Cleaning Supplies (Like these Micro-Fiber Cleaning Slippers)

My own kids have some of these and they LOVE them. They have spent hours in them running around the house and sliding across the floor. Who needs a swiffer when you have young kids with high energy?


Set a Timer

I don’t know what it is about timers, sand timers in general..but they sure do get kids moving! I know first hand. My kids also like to turn their clean up time into a race once I flip the timer over. Ready, set, clean!

So there you have it! Some other awesome ideas are:

  1. Playing dress up– if you have girls, maybe you can play Cinderella? Dress up as maids or butlers and pretend to clean the homes of others. Make it a game!
  2.  Set up a reward system- “Will work for praise” -every kid I’ve ever met. Kid’s love to feel appreciated and a little reward for helping out here and there can make all the difference in their involvement.
  3. Put on music- Everyone knows that cleaning while dancing makes the whole job more fun and less of a chore. The kids will love it too!



Hello world!

13  Cleaning Hacks (From the Pro’s) That Will Simplify Your Life!

Here are a few of our favorite time-saving tips! We know that even if you have professional housekeeping help, there’s still plenty of things to do between visits!

1. When cleaning a house, think of everything as a grid.
Do this with small areas, like a mirror or countertop, or larger spaces, like an entire floor. By visualizing the space broken up into a grid will ensure you don’t miss anything or go over any spot more times than necessary.

2. Always clean from top to bottom.
If you’re doing a major clean up-do your floors last, that way you’re not shaking down dust and dirt onto anything you’ve already cleaned.

3. Keep a few odd (but seriously helpful!) items in your cleaning kit.
We often use pumice stones as a scrubbing tool. They’re really amazing at cleaning hard water toilet rings- and even quickly remove stuck on grease spots inside of the oven . We are also fans of microfiber cloths-but head to the automotive section to buy them. They will be much cheaper than the ones in the cleaning section.
We’ve also figured out some double-duty uses for other cleaning tools in our stash. A squeegee is great for sweeping up crummy countertops or dusty stairs, since it’s grippy and can get into tight corners. And we like to use a plastic pan scraper for lifting stuck-on messes off floors — it’ll really save your fingers!

4. Corral your cords.
Electrical cords are a real magnet for dust bunnies, so neatly zip-tie them together, or even tack them up off the floor to keep dust from collecting.

5. Rely on hooks to keep things tidy.
People have good intentions with their organizing systems, but often putting things away in bins is still too much to ask. We found people more likely to hang things up to keep things organized.

6. Always squeegee your shower.
Keeping your bathroom as dry as possible helps fight mildew and soap scum build-up. Remember to even squeegee shower curtains and the lip of the shower door frame.

7. Skip hairspray.
Dust really loves hairspray, so if I use it, I tend to spray it outside. If you do end up with a sticky, dusty mess in your bathroom, a Magic Eraser can help clean it up though!

8. Get a pair of “house-only” shoes.
Taking off shoes at the door really helps keep dirt out of your house. In the winter, walk around the house in slippers, and in the summer-use flip-flops.

9. Use cooking downtime to start cleaning up.
Don’t you love sitting down to dinner knowing that all you have left to clean up is the plates? Don’t waste time watching that pot boil. As your food is cooking, start wiping down counters, rinsing prep tools, and putting ingredients away. After dinner, load the dishwasher and VWALA!

10. Treat stains right away.
The longer it sits, the harder it is to get it off! That’s the truth. Wipe up spills and grab a prewash stain remover as soon as you see a spot — you can spray it on even days before you do another load of laundry.

11. Keep clutter tidy until you can toss it or put it away.
Don’t devalue the small tasks like straightening a pile of magazines, fixing a stack of mail, or folding a blanket. They make your space feel clean even if you don’t have time to really de-clutter.

12. Clean a little bit every day.
People get bogged down in the details, but it’s better to look at the big picture. Spend 15 minutes every day tidying up, cleaning countertops, and doing other quick cleaning tasks. It’ll improves your mental well-being and make deep cleans much easier to tackle later on!

13. Listens to a podcast or music while you clean.
Even if you really love that cleaning is the sort of physical task that offers you time to be totally unplugged (some people even consider it “meditative”), it’s also a great opportunity to take in some passive entertainment. Workout music is great, too. You’ll clean harder and you can totally count that as exercise (or at least I think so!)