Getting a Busy Family Together

In most homes these days, families spend a lot of time apart. It sucks but it’s just reality. If both parents are working and the kids are in school all day it can be really tough. On top of that, we all need to make time for ourselves. It’s easy for families to slowly drift apart considering these circumstances and no one really wants to let that happen, but it does before most families even take notice. Here are some great tips to help ensure that your busy family gets that much needed family time in at least once a week.


  1. Family Game Night– No matter how old the kids are, or even how old you are, everyone can appreciate a couple hours of good old fashioned board game fun. Whether it’s Monopoly, Trouble, Pictionary, or even the newly raved about Pie Face, a family game night is sure to bring everyone together accompanied by smiles and laughter. As far as I’m concerned, this should be a staple in every family’s life. Sort out everyone’s schedules and  put this in to play at least once a week.
  2. Work Out Together– Oh yes, I know a lot of people dread this healthy necessity but it is a lot less dreadful when doing it with the whole team. Go for a mini hike, go for a family bike ride, play a game of catch, heck, you can even find some pretty great yoga videos on Youtube to do. Not only does this call for some great family bonding, it relieves everyone’s stress, and the health benefits are totally worth it. Do this as often as possible.
  3. Cook Together– Believe it or not, this can be a really fun thing. Try making a pizza with the whole family involved, or even a nice dessert. Don’t stop there though, try to ensure the whole family eats together as well while sharing the peaks and pits of everyone’s day.
  4. Family Movie Night- Alright, every family’s gotta make time for some good ol’ visual entertainment. I’m sure every family has a few hours on a weekend night to make time for this. Start a series, this way everyone will be excited to see what happens next and it’ll help keep the routine going.
  5.  Plant a Garden- Planting a garden together is an excellent thing to do with the whole family because there’s a job to do for anyone involved. It’s also fun to watch it come to life after all the hard work is done. In fact, doing any home project together is a great activity for the whole family.

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