Eliminating Kids Clutter: Unique Storage Ideas

Every parent knows that having kids comes with an excessive amount of STUFF. Of course, there are the essentials that we all think about prior to them being born: diapers, wipes, teething rings, pacifiers, onesies, etc, etc…and then, all of a sudden they’re accumulating a plethora of toys. More than we ever could’ve imagined. It only gets worse as they get older and the amount of clutter in your home really reaches its peak once they start going to school..but before I have a mini panic attack just thinking about it, I’m going to redirect us all back in to our happy places (or at least mine) by sharing a few super sweet and unique storage ideas for all the junk we dodge stepping on daily.


Oh how I love Pinterest! Don’t we all though? I stumbled upon this cute little stuffed animal zoo and I couldn’t be more pleased with an idea for stuffed animal storage. I’m probably going to try to start building this ASAP. Veetje


Have you ever stepped on little toy cars before? If not, lucky you! If so, I feel your pain. It’s certainly not fun. If you don’t have a fancy custom made garage for all those suckers, then parking them on a magnetic knife rack could be the next best idea. Again, I want to do this ASAP. PureWow


Looks like I just added one more thing to my to-do list. Bookcases are totally over rated. It’s so much more fun to see the front cover of books on display, and utilizing wall space does wonders for a room, elongating the walls and making it feel more roomy. Due-Home

Phew, I feel so much better now. Time to get to work!


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