“If You Don’t Have a Housekeeper, You Are a Housekeeper”

landscape-1427394080-cleaning-productsOver a year ago, my three best girlfriends and I were at  dinner which comprised of life updates, over twenty years of inside jokes,  incredible poke, seared tuna and of course plenty of glasses of wine.

Surrounded by my favorite ladies I confessed my frustration of always having a dirty house despite that I was always cleaning – that was when Rae gifted the following advice:

“If you don’t have a housekeeper, you are a housekeeper.”

As a successful realtor, Rae had recently attended a business seminar and one of the presenters shared that advice with a roomful of agents.  That one line would now change my own chaotic life.  Looking at the other two ladies, I realized I was the only one of the four who didn’t have a housekeeper – which made me the only housekeeper at dinner that Friday night.

How did I have time to be a housekeeper?  I have a full time career, am a single mother, world traveler, pet owner and apparently the messiest friend in our circle.  I chose in that moment to resign as a housekeeper.

You too need to resign or at least go to part-time, and here are reasons everyone could benefit from help:

  1. You have a full time job: After working forty-hours a week, the last thing you want to do is come home and clean.  Your time is precious; free some of it up by hiring a housekeeper.  Even if you only get help 1-2 times a month, you’ll be able to enjoy some of your favorite activities.
  1. You’re the hostess with the mostess: Until I started using a housekeeper, I couldn’t remember the last time I had friends over. Days and hours would be spent cleaning my house so then when I entertained guest;  I would find myself having anxiety over the mess being made.  Now, I’m here to tell you to entertain away!  Once you hire a housekeeper they can help you before and after your events so you will be able to actually enjoy the times you have company.
  1. Put your family first: We all know that kids grow up too fast and that missed moments are the worst.  Take the hours you would be cleaning and use that time for date night, one-on-one time with your children or event take yourself on a date.  If you already have a full life schedule, housework is probably being neglected or taking quality time away from your family.  So, today I’m giving you a get out of housekeeping pass so you can pack up your family and head out to an activity you all enjoy.
  1. You aren’t the world’s best housekeeper: That’s okay.  Our parent’s tried their best; we just didn’t retain all those little tricks and secrets.  You can always hire a housekeeper to clean your home a few times and teach you how to do more than dust and mop.  And no one will know if you keep them permanently.
  1. There are certain parts of housekeeping you never get to or just don’t like: I swear, every time I have told myself “today is going to be the day I dig in and clean this house.”  By lunchtime I would be stretched out across my fresh clean bed – never making it to cleaning my bathrooms. Housekeepers can come in and only do your bathrooms, floors, surface areas, etc.  Alternate your needs weekly and have your cleaning customized.
  1. You have elderly loved ones: Okay, so maybe you may not want or need help.  But – someone else you know may need cleaning done.  As people age, the first thing that becomes harder is their daily chores.  Rather than cleaning, seniors tend to use their energy for self-care over home care.  Not only is this hard for them as it causes shame to have guest in a home that was once neat and tidy but it also poses a hazard. Seniors are prone to falls and the more clutter that builds up; the more fall risks there are for your loved ones. Hire a housekeeper to do the light chores of the house for your family.  They can help with laundry, dishes, sweeping and mopping.  Having a comfortable and clean living space can keep anyone’s spirit up.
  1. There’s a new baby in the home: I’m having flash backs now of the first weeks following bringing my babies home. Diapers stacked up were just the beginning of what chores were being neglected as I tried to catch naps or take a shower when the baby was sound asleep.  Oh, how I wish I could have registered for housekeeping.  Instead of flowers, suggest to your friends and family to gift you a housekeeper to get you through those first few weeks home with baby.
  1. You’re Worth It! Really, do you need another excuse? Treat yourself darn it.  We all need a break.  Whether you have to move money around in your budget and not get that massage or cut back on lattes for a week, this luxury will be worth it.

Maid Marvelous wants to be there when you resign as a housekeeper.  Contact us today to set up a consultation.



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